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Code 4: The Situation is under control. No further assistance needed. That is the definition. With Code 4 Here for every First Responder, it’s defined as Listening.  In the late 80’s and 90’s, first responders usually only had their fellow officers to talk to whether it was about a call or life in General. Many officers did not like to bring their work or traumatic stories home.

In the 90’s and currently, mental health providers and faith leaders were and are there to listen, and it is a great direction forward. Many officers we heard from said they didn’t feel comfortable speaking with doctors or faith leaders and just wanted to talk with someone that has been on the job.

At Code 4 Here for every First Responder, is here to just listen. There are no diagnosis and no prescriptions, just listening and to be here for every first responder who wants to talk.  Code 4 can come to your department or meet on training days to be there for you. We can also provide Motivational Speaking upon request. Code 4 can also, with the department’s permission, receive calls anytime to speak with any first responder. At Code 4, every conversation is confidential and all HIPPA laws are followed. Nothing while listening is written down. Just listening and talking. “Officer Down, Officer Down” or “MayDay, MayDay” are words no officer/Firefighter/EMS wants to hear. But sadly, officers/firefighters/EMS across the country have been killed in the line of duty. Nobody besides us will ever know or understand what it feels like to hear those words. But August has and knows the feeling. August has lost good friends in the line of duty and knows strength comes from your brothers/Sisters that work alongside you.

At Code 4, our goal is to contract with Law Enforcement/Fire/EMS departments across the country and be there when you need us.

Code 4 Here for Every First Responder



Meet August Stovall

In 2003, August was seriously Injured in the line of duty on a domestic violence call. The only people that knew the entire story was August’s patrol supervisor who arrived to back him up and the suspect. August’s supervisor saved his life that day. Family members have never been told the entire story. August rarely talked about that middle of the night domestic call. Then, years later, August had a cup of coffee with a retired marine/ fellow officer and a Firefighter/Paramedic Ret. Army who asked about the incident. August told the story and after all these years, August walked away feeling better and it was just by his fellow brothers listening. August also works part time at a suicide prevention program as a Crisis Chat Specialist for a great organization and it clicked. Every First Responder needs someone to talk to even if it’s just for a few minutes. August started his first responder career in 1988 as a police cadet and never looked back. August has served as a Full time Police officer, Full time and volunteer Firefighter as well as EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) which started in the city of Chicago for Stat Ambulance as he served as a cadet. August has seen every type of law enforcement, Fire, and EMS call that hopefully many never see during their entire career. August has worked as a Safety Director and even today, still works for a police department’s security officer division. August was named Officer of the Year in 2004 and in the same year was recognized along with officers around the county. August has received several letters of commendations from lifesaving to apprehending armed wanted suspects. During his career, August served as a D.A.R.E. Officer, K-9 officer, Drug Recognition/Interdiction officer, Gang officer as well as officer friendly. August has been a guest speaker at conferences as well as a motivational speaker. August has dedicated his life to being a first responder and being there for all his brothers and sisters that have made the same lifetime career decision.


August Stovall K9 Rocco
August Stovall Merrville FD
August Stovall Sauk Village PD
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